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The 2012 Resolutions (#GC77)

2012_Color_1__webThe Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian Education and Formation met in November 2009 in Chicago, IL to review resolutions passed at the 76th General Convention that would continue to inform the work of the Commission for the next triennium, especially the Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation and Education (A082), as well as the following resolutions referred to the Commission by the General Convention office:

  • A082 Implementation of The Charter for Lifelong Christian Education and Formation
  • A083 Directive for Dioceses to Formulate a Strategy for Lifelong Christian Formation (unfunded and tabled)
  • A163 HIV/AIDS (given to the National Episcopal AIDS Coalition for implementation)
  • B003 Camping Ministries
  • B013 Equipping the Baptized for Ministry
  • D062 Implementation of Sexual Abuse Misconduct Training (given to The Nathan Network for implementation)
  • D085 Ministry of the Child

Their work and deliberations during the 2009-2012 triennium led to three categories of resolutions. Six are regarding how we understand Baptism as full membership in The Episcopal Church as stated in ecclesiology  The Book of Common Prayer. Another resolutions focuses on the need to lift up the importance of the ministry of those called to the vocation of Christian formation, especially in light of the growing number of positions on the local and diocesan level that have been cut in recent years. Lastly, there is a resolution requesting the development of an online resource center hosted at

Each of these resolutions, along with their introduction and explanation are included in this section. They have yet to be assigned a resolution number from the General Convention Office, so the Commission numbered them #1-7. Read further for more information.


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