Building the Continuum

Supporting Formation and Vocation in The Episcopal Church

The 2015 Resolutions (#GC78)

GC%20logo15_colorThe 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church will be held in Salt Lake City, June 25 – July 3, 2015. There are many key issues that will come before this triennial body including reports and resolutions from the various CCABs (Committees, Commissions, Agencies and Boards), plus dioceses, provinces, and individuals who are either bishops or deputies (4 clergy, 4 lay elected by each diocese).

This General Convention will hear reports from:

  • The Task Force for Reimagining The Episcopal Church (TREC) which was appointed following the 77th General Convention
  • The Task Force on Marriage
  • Various Standing Commissions who have worked over the past triennium and put forth legislation (resolutions) to be discussed, tweaked, and voted upon in Legislative Committees.

You can learn who your deputies are via this link. They will participate in the House of Deputies, while your bishop/s will convene in the House of Bishops. Together they will participate in Legislative Committees that will discuss resolutions that have been assigned to them as well as hear from interested parties who will speak at hearings to share their opinions about various issues.

Some documents that may help you understand the process of General Convention:

  • A Primer.on.TEC on the government of The Episcopal Church and its underlying theology
  • GCresolutionsummary from the Diocese of Connecticut that offers an overview of General Convention resolutions and what legislative committees they have been assigned to.
  • A GeneralConventionbooklet designed by the Diocese of Texas with illustrations by Carvel Glenn for The Episcopal Church which is an excellent overview of the purpose and process of General Convention.

There are many, many resolutions regarding Christian Formation that will come before General Convention this year. Forma has specifically developed position papers on several of them that they feel are extremely important for the ongoing work of Christian Formation for all of God’s people in The Episcopal Church.

Submitted in the report of the sclcfe (Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian Formation and Education) are:

  • A073: Update Model Policies for Preventing Sexual Misconduct
  • A074: Update the Safeguarding Materials
  • A075: Develop Awareness of Online Christian Formation Resources

Submitted in the report of the scmd by the (Standing Commission on Ministry Development) is:

  • A080: Affirming Confirmation as Formation




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