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by Susan Genereux

Formational events on the diocesan and nationally are essential for building and keeping a sense of community and belonging for young people. Children, youth and older adults are essential for the health of the Church. My husband served a church that had not participated in any diocesan or national event for many years. The had no sense of connectedness or Anglican identity. We watched the congregation come alive with a sense of confidence and purpose as they became more involved in diocesan and national events–most especially the young people! The Church must be made to understand how important formational events are.

Why is it the when the Church needs to cut back they immediately cut money from ministry that directly impacts young people? I guess they don’t understand that if they don’t minister to the youth the Church won’t have a future because the young people will go to whatever church does provide spiritual growth for them.

Sue Genereux is the former Missioner for Children and Youth for the Diocese of Iowa


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