Building the Continuum

Supporting Formation and Vocation in The Episcopal Church

Advocacy Documents

Below are a variety of links to documents for downloading and websites that can help inform the work leading up to these resolutions as well as current issues facing Christian Formation in The Episcopal Church.

The Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation was passed at General Convention 2009, lifting up the importance of lifelong learning and how we are called to invite, inspire and transform as followers of Christ.

Forma, an independent organization of formation leaders in The Episcopal Church (paid/volunteer, ordained/lay, children/youth/young adult/adult, seminary, etc.) offers this tri-fold brochure to download, print and share with your bishops and deputies as well as committees and commissions in your congregation, diocese and province.

The entire Blue Book Report of the Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian Formation and Education, including their work of the past triennium, resolutions to come before General Convention 2015 with explanations. You can read their 2012 report here.

The Blue Book Report from the Standing Commission on Ministry Development, who focus on the ministry of the baptized – lay and ordained.

General Convention Schedule for 2015, including when committee meetings and legislative sessions will be held.

Building the Continuum Summit report for study and group conversation that reviews four possible scenarios for the future.

Legacies, Lessons and Lifelines was a document written by PEALL (Proclaiming Education for All), a task force appointed by Executive Council that reported to General Convention in 2009. This paper documents the history of Christian formation and Theological Education, including ministry development and campus ministries in The Episcopal Church since the 1960s. Will we continue to repeat history and not learn from the past?


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