Building the Continuum

Supporting Formation and Vocation in The Episcopal Church


The name, “Building the Continuum” comes from an event that was held in November 2011 in which 100+ individuals from throughout The Episcopal Church gathered. Responding to GC 2009 Resolution , this Summit was sponsored by Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers, Inc. and the Office of Formation and Vocations of The Episcopal Church. One of the goals of the gathering was to analyze the present realities and future uncertainties in the church and the world and envision potential futures for Episcopal faith formation in a diversity of settings over the next 5-10 years. Our focusing question was, “How might Christian lifelong faith formation over the next ten years affect the renewal and transformation of the Episcopal Church in a 21st century world?”

Initially administered by members of the Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian Formation and Education, its purpose continues to be the same. It is the hope that this website can serve bishops and deputies as well as Christian formation leaders across our church to understand the needs, issues, and resources surrounding resolutions regarding Christian Formation that have been submitted for this year’s (2015) General Convention consideration as well as look back on what has come before (such as in 2012). The work of the past often repeats itself, and we can learn from what has come before as well as wonder why the same issues and conversations still seem to be unresolved.

As so often occurs, many resolutions that come to General Convention do not get much “air time” because there is pending legislation and issues that have much more energy and passion surrounding them. This General Convention will be no exception.

Our position, in which we hope our readers agree (and will add their thoughts), is that Christian formation is a vital component in which all ages engage and grow in a life of faith. Passing along our faith from one generation to the next as well as supporting Episcopalians (new and old) on their faith journey is connected to all the priorities of The Episcopal Church.


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  1. Thank you Sharon and Keane for this focused forum. This is a critical moment in the history of the Episcopal Church and one that requires new ways of thinking, organizing and relating – all rooted in prayerful (non-reactive) discernment. God has not changed but so much of the way we humans live in the world has. The time has come for we Episcopalians to reimagine and reinvest in our approach to mission and Christian discipleship. My hope is that we will listen carefully to find life-giving, hopeful solutions that may well not look much like the past. Those solutions will require all of us, lay & clergy, volunteer and paid, to let go of some things as we make way for a new thing.

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