Building the Continuum

Supporting Formation and Vocation in The Episcopal Church

Be the Revolution. Make Your Stories Heard.

by Janie Simonton

Welcome to EpiscoYouthProject 2012, designed to collect stories from everyone concerned about the budget changes for youth and young adults in the Episcopal Church. These changes, which will result in an approximately 90% funding cut for these ministries, have not been approved yet (more information here), which is where we come into play.

Our goal is to make voices heard, quite literally, by uploading personal stories and reasons why we disagree with the allocation of funds (or lack thereof) for youth. Please feel free to upload your own personal story (preferably less than a minute) explaining who you are, why this is important to you, and why you don’t think this proposed budget should come to fruition. While we recognize that there are those who may be viewing this that are in support of the youth funding cut, we ask that they refrain from uploading personal videos here and instead post it elsewhere.

Thank you and happy uploading!

From Building the Continuum: While this is a youth (ages 13-18) & young adult (ages 18-35) project, wouldn’t it be interesting to have children and Christian educators post their own stories? 

 Janie Simonton, a young adult in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, began the “EpiscoYouthProject 2012” on You Tube, with a Facebook page in April 2012. 


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One thought on “Be the Revolution. Make Your Stories Heard.

  1. Rob Lundquist on said:

    Great idea! I look forward to seeing more stories.

    But please, Please, PLEASE – STOP with the “youth are the future of the church” meme! I thought we put that hoary cliche to rest in the ’70s. It’s bad theology AND bad strategy. **Youth are the church NOW**

    As a 1st alt deputy to GC2012, priest for 26 years, and regional youth minister for 4 years before seminary, I’m absolutely dismayed by this proposed budget gaffe. I’m the result of diocesan summer camp ministry as a teen and loving parish Faith Formation as a child. And I feel like Marty McFly watching himself disappear in that photo…

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