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Share your feedback on the budget

[March 8, 2012] The Episcopal Church Joint Committee on Program, Budget and Finance (PB&F) has established a blog for comments on the draft budget approved by Executive Council in January.

“PB&F offers this blog as a place for the Church to comment on the Executive Council draft budget,” explained Diane Pollard, PB&F chair. “Concurrently, the purpose of the blog is also to give PB&F an additional way to hear the comments on the Draft Budget.” Pollard, a deputy from the Diocese of New York, stressed that the blog is open to all: bishops, deputies, alternates, clergy and lay people.

The blog was launched on Thursday, March 8 and will be monitored by PB&F members. This site is an opportunity to express your thoughts on a variety of areas covered by the budget: Program, Corporate, Canonical, Income and Expenses and other Comments. It is an easy means to share your opinions with those who provide oversight and development of the budget. Another avenue (if you will be present at General Convention) is to attend (and sign up to speak – early) at the Budget Hearings, which will be held 12:30-1:30 on Wednesday, July 4th in Indianapolis. Other hearings of importance to the budget will be held on Friday, July 6th and Saturday, July 7th from 7:30-9:00PM

Following the approval by Executive Council, the draft budget of $104.9 million was sent to PB&F for review.  In July the information shared on the blog as well as the testimony received at three General Convention hearings will help to inform the budget that is presented to General Convention for approval. PB&F will prepare a proposed budget which then will be presented at a joint session of the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops on July 10.  The final triennial budget will be approved by General Convention.


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One thought on “Share your feedback on the budget

  1. From: Dontie Fuller, Coordinator of Ministries With and For Youth, Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis
    Re: Proposed Budget 2013-2015

    The drastic cut in the draft of the Episcopal Church’s budget from the Executive Council is very disturbing to me. The line item for which I am concerned is “Total Formation and Vocation.” Since it is a DRAFT, I feel there is hope for revision. The 2010-2012 Budget was $3,049,339. The proposed 2013-2015 is $286,438. The budget comments for this line item state that the work of the Formation office will be re-focused in dioceses. With that I will cooperate, but it cannot substitute what the Church can do as a larger body.
    The leadership coming from The Episcopal Church Center in the offices concerning Christian Formation has had an impact on what I have done and am doing in my ministry.
     The programs, “Will Our Faith Have Children?” and “Wrestling with the Big Questions,” have been an inspiration, a source of ideas and for my ministry. These were Christian Formation events for all nine provinces of the Church, designed and executed by staff at The Episcopal Church Center. The people I met at these events have been a network of Christian Formation support for me and have proved priceless.
     In developing a Children’s Program for this General Convention, I have found the help from Ruth-Ann Collins, Officer for Adult Formation and Lifelong Learning and MerLynne Byrne, Consultant for the Children’s Program a great help in getting all the necessary details in order to have the safe, high-quality program we will be offering at this Convention.
     The Episcopal Youth Event that occurs every 3 years is a life-changing experience for many youth. I have observed in the youth who have gone to this event that they discover the vast, rich diversity that is our Church. They commit themselves to Christ and the Church. They become challenged to do ministry once they return home. The fact that this event will occur no more is a great loss for our youth.
     To have an Official Youth Presence at General Convention is wonderful training for our young people who are serious about serving the Church in this way. To do away with this, is to remove the voice of young people from General Convention.

    I find this action of reducing the Formation budget by 90% puzzling because since 1997, there have been resolutions that call for a focus on Christian Formation with adults, youth and children. To cut the Formation budget so drastically seems to say that faith formation is not very important after all.
     2009-A082 “Adopt the Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation”
     2006-D059 “Provide Child Care Facilities at General Convention”
     2003-D096 “Give Thanks for the Official Youth Presence”
     2000-D045 “Affirm and Urge Consideration of the Centrality of Children to the Ministry of the Church”
     1997-B005 “Adopt Statement ‘A Children’s Charter for the Church’”

    Know that I will be praying for you in your work as a deputy to the General Convention.

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